Fair Hearing Resources
Administrative Adjudication Plan
Executive Order No. 131
by Gene Doyle, LMSW On December 4, 1989, Governor Mario M. Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 131, which requires every state agency responsible for administrative adjudication to develop and implement an administrative adjudication plan by July 1, 1990. This Executive Order has been codified in...
30 Aug, 2020
Administrative Adjudication Plan of the New York State Department of Social Services (NYSDSS)
by Gene Doyle, LMSW In the January 30, 1991 edition of the New York State Register, the New York State Department of Social Services (NYSDSS) announced the developed of its Administrative Adjudication Plan in accordance with Governor Mario M. Cuomo's Executive Order No. 131. See 9 NYCRR ยง 4.131....
30 Aug, 2020
Biennial Reports
by Gene Doyle, LMSW Governor Mario Cuomo's Executive Order No. 131 requires state agency to file reports on their administrative adjudication plans every two years. These biennial reports must set forth "the steps taken by the agency to comply with this Order . . . [and] include statistics on...
31 Aug, 2020