Fair Hearing Resources
Open-Ended Remands in Medicaid-Related Fair Hearing Decisions Violate Federal Law
30 Jan, 2018
On January 26, 2018, Judge Leonard D. Wexler granted statewide class certification and concluded that Medicaid-related Fair Hearing Decisions, which contain open-ended remands to a local agency, violate an appellant's right to a timely decision. Judgment, which was finally entered on February 1,...
Number of OTDA Fair Hearing Decisions Continues Downward Trend
02 Jan, 2018
Based on the redacted decisions available on OTDA's Fair Hearing Decision Archive, the numbers of monthly and annual Fair Hearing Decisions continue to decline for the third straight year. In 2014, OTDA issued a record-breaking 117,605 Fair Hearing Decisions. In 2017, the number of decisions...